Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional Review


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as I’ve said on multiple occasions before, is quite a lazy martial art. In fact, it may be more demanding on the mind as opposed to the body at times. Well, at least in terms of intensity. That doesn’t mean that JIu-Jitsu is easy to do, or that you’ll get away pain free. In all honesty, if there was ever a martial art that needed complementary mobility and flexibility work it is BJJ. Now, both this aspect as well as a strength and conditioning one are available in the form of the “Yoga For Grapplers” Nicolas Gregoriades instructional.

Nicolas Gregoriades – Yoga For Grapplers (DVD/DIGITAL)

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Nicolas Gregoriades, more commonly known as Nic Gregoriades is one of the most likable characters in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The highly sought after BJJ black belt has immense knowledge of the art that extends far beyond just the technical aspects. He is a true representative of the JIu-JItsu lifestyle, including how to keep your body healthy, and in shape for grappling. “Yoga For Grappling” is a DVD that is just as important to own as are technical ones, if not more. Plus, it is a Nicolas Gregoriades instructional, meaning that you have a BJJ black belt demonstrating the best Yoga sequences for grapplers.

Nicolas Gregoriades – The BJJ Yogi

Nic Gregoriades is a very esteemed Roger Gracie black belt that is one of my favorite BJJ instructors to watch. The South African is also extremely dedicated to keeping his body in pristine condition for Brazilian Jiu-JItsu. We’ve already covered his take on kettlebells for Jiu-Jitsu and having never-ending endurance and explosiveness n the mats. Well, he also knows how you can give your body rest as well, while also providing it with plenty of benefits. His take on Yoga is not the usual Yoga studio one. Not that there’s anything wrong with your garden variety Yoga class, but they’re not really geared towards helping grapplers.

The ‘Yoga For Grapplers” Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional is a resource that is perfect for people of all levels. That said, it is specifically designed for grapplers and MMA fighters. Nic’s knowledge of both BJJ and Yoga puts him in a prime position to provide you with the perfect routine to match your needs. Not only that but his knowledge of the human body is going to help you discover certain connections that are going to leave you speechless. Not to mention that doing Nic’s style of Yoga is a great way to improve your BJJ directly. With Gregoriades, it is not just about stretching. He talks about breathing, connecting the mind with muscles, using Yoga for conditioning, staying healthy and much more!

“Yoga For Grapplers” Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional DVD Review 

The “Yoga For Grapplers” program might seem like just another Yoga DVD. Well, it took Nic two years to put it together, given how meticulous he is with everything. That means that this program leaves no stone unturned, literally. It is meant for everyone whether they’re training grappling or not. Moreover, it is available in a digital format that makes it ultra-easy to access at any time. IN fact, the best way to look at this Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional is as an investment into your BJJ and your health and longevity.

yoga nic cover 676x1024 - Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional ReviewThe instructional is over two and a half hours long and covers Yoga from every possible perspective in regards to grappling. Everything that you see in this instructional is only available here. For example, he has a progression that most other Yoga instructions do not have. Instead of just doing the beginner and advanced move, he offers lots of variety to help you learn at your own level and pace. This makes this DVD highly customizable to individual needs which makes it even more unique and original.

The quality of the audio and video is pristine, and the instructional is easily downloadable. The format works on just about any device, including Mac, iPhone, tablets, phones, Windows, etc. Moreover, what I enjoy the most is that apart from being a corrective program, this is also a strengthening one. And it is all based on Yoga and bodyweight!

How to Start

The reason NIc is the man to listen to si the fact that he himself was a very inflexible guy. Just like with the majority of people in grappling, training BJJ and lifting weights did not help this issue at all. So, the way this Nicolas Gregoriades instructional starts is by explaining how you should approach “Yoga For Grapplers” training. NIc has different exercises and protocols for different body parts, depending on your needs. He explains that you can use one, or more in different ways and difficulty levels. All of the most common trouble spots grapplers have. Like the neck, shoulder, chest and upper back get a lot of attention. There is a lot of information on breathing as well, which is just as key in Yoga as it is in grappling.


One thing that you might not think about when you think of Yoga is a strength. The fact of the matter is, Yoga can make you a lot stronger in very different ways than lifting weights can. It is not just simple bodyweight training but using your body in very mechanically difficult positions that include both dynamic and isometric work. This not only makes you stronger, but it also makes you more limber. When it comes to grappling, Yoga is the perfect t compliment, allowing you for a more fluid and effective movement throughout the training.

Another aspect is muscle control, which is also highly underrated. This instructional is going to help you develop a mind-muscle connection that’ll also help you improve coordination and reaction time. Nic uses a bunch of examples of how the program refers to BJJ positions and techniques as he is explaining.

Increase Mobility

Of course, increased mobility is one of the effects you’d expect from a Yoga DVD instructional. Well, Yoga For Grapplers delivers on it, and then some. You won’t just increase your overall mobility but also improve that of very specific bodyparts. These are the body parts we use in BJJ the most, and that usually suffer from a shortened range of motion as a result. Believe me, once you start this program, you’ll that you are actually able to go much further in many Jiu-Jitsu techniques!

Pushing The Boundaries OF Your Flexibility

361d16 - Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional ReviewIn terms of flexibility, The unique aspect of this Nicolas Gregoriades instructional is in the fact he introduces BJJ specific movements to classical Yoga asanas. For example, stuff like the Rickon Gracie shoulder roll are key at developing both dexterity and flexibility in positions common to BJJ. This DVD will help you push the boundaries of your flexibility. This is going to allow you to become much more supple than ever before. The best part is that you can’t really complete it. There is always another progression and just a bit more depth than you can achieve!


Is the “Yoga For Grapplers” Nicolas Gregriades instructional DVD going to help stiff grapplers get more limber? NIc himself is the perfect testament that it will. Will it also help you strengthen your body in ways highly specific for BJJ? By all means, it will. It is also going to teach you stuff like how relaxing your jaw can help you decrease overall tension, which is just as true for rolling as it is for holding Asanas. In other words, the area many reasons to order this instructional, and none to keep you from getting it. Namaste.

Nicolas Gregoriades – Yoga For Grapplers (DVD/DIGITAL)

yoga nic 300x155 - Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades Instructional Review
Techniques List