High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos Craig Jones DVD Review

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Craig is back, everyone. Back with a brand new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional, that is. The Aussie we all love to watch really did have a crazy run out submitting people left and right in the past few months, mostly under the Submission Underground banner. We all know the submissions Craig Jones loves to use. He started off as a triangle aficionado before becoming one of the best leg lockers in the world during the past few years. Now, he shares his secrets on blending both into “Systematic Submission Dilemmas” that nobody will be able to solve. 

Craig Jones – High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos

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Nobody can deny that Craig Jones is one of the top submission grapples in the world today. He does have a few key medals to win, but there’s still a lot of time for the young Australian who is only getting better and better with each performance. Of course, training with Lachlan Giles on one end of the world, and all the monsters in the Danaher Death Squad headed by the Nutty Professor himself really does help his cause. The “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos” Craig Jones DVD is just a sneak peek into what we can expect from Craig in the future.

Dilemmas in BJJ

The concept of dilemmas in BJJ is not a new one, but people seem to take it for granted and don’t really think it through. Danaher has made it more popular lately, mostly in leg locking context, but it has always been around. For me, it was Ryan Hall that dawned light on the subject of presenting your training partners and opponent with dilemmas.

Ryan Hall used the “your money or your life” analogy, which is very easy to understand. When you want to sweep someone. Don’t just threaten a sweep, but throw in submission as well. If one fails, the other one will work, and in most cases, one can lead into the other, meaning you get both. In other words, the options you leave your opponent with are just bad ones. Danaher took it all a step further by attacking with three or four different attacks, completely bamboozling opponents into having no choice but to concede. That’s one of the reasons his athletes are so successful on the mats.

usa today 13437842.0 1024x683 - High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos Craig Jones DVD ReviewThe approach to creating dilemmas that Craig Jones employs in his “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos” DVD is not a new concept. However, the way Craig sets everything up, the way he links attacks, and the way he explains it all is original in many areas. Not many people really connect Triangles and leg locks, and especially not in the way he does in his latest BJJ instructional.

The Craig Jones Approach

Craig Jones has the best possible approach one can have in BJJ – he trains with the best. He doesn’t care about dumb stuff like Creonteism and the likes, and he is definitely likely to be called out on it by either Danaher, or Giles, or whoever else he trains with. As Georges St. Pierre proved in MMA a decade ago, training with the very best is a proven formula to yield results.

This approach is not something that is always possible for everyone, but it is an option. I do think the climate in BJJ is changing, and soon, we’ll all be training at defending gyms trying to be our best, and give back to the Gentle Art in the process. Just see what this approach has done for Craig. He started off in Australia, dominated the local circuit in mostly No-Gi, but only made “the headlines” after his impressive EBI displays and his crazy effective leg locking game.

What happened in that historic EBI when we all too notice of Craig? He lost in the final to Gordon Ryan but did almost catch the King in an armbar in overtime. While others take it personally and turn to social media to vent, Craig simply packed up and started training with Danaher in addition to his Absolute MMA training. The result speaks for themselves.

The “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos” Craig Jones DVD now showcases how training with different experts has allowed Craig to blend his two favorite means of submitting into a crazy effective system.

Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combo’s Craig Jones DVD Review

At this point in time, with a bunch of DVDs behind him, we knew what to expect from a Craig Jones BJJ DVD.  He has titles on leg locks, passing, triangles, half guard, and a bunch of other stuff. With “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos”, though, he is blending his attacks for the second time, after the Leg locks and guard passes title he released not long ago.

In his instructionals, Craig is [precise, to the point, wasting no time and demonstrating techniques in extreme detail. In fact, I hold his way of teaching via DVD instructionals as one of the best out there, and I do think his DVD’s so far have been underrated. Still, this is one title you shouldn’t miss out on, given that it is perfect for both lower and upper body submission enthusiasts. Moreover, it works both in Gi and No-Gi, and with heel hooks looming on the “legal moves” horizon, this DVD is simply a necessity for any competitor.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. How To Break Legs

The opening volume of this Craig Jones DVD starts off with fireworks, immediately covering the breaking mechanics of leg locks. Dubbed “Breaking the unbreakable” will teach you how to get a tap from a leg lock from anyone.

Craig opens with the concept of asymmetry and some fundamental principles of braking mechanics that include analysis of his famous Vinny Magalhaes match. Different heel hook grips and the inner working of both inside and outside heel hooks come next, serving as an introduction.

Jones goes over the outside heel hook in detail first. He starts the subject matter off in the best way possible – with the one greatest drill that will help you develop an outside heel hook of hell. The details in this chapter are immense, so really do pay attention to it.

The inside heel hook makes up about half of the first volume. Understandable, as it is one of the strongest attacks in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Different Ashi Garamis, different grips and finishes, and yet another single greatest drill to help you master them all are the focus in this portion of the instructional.

Given that the first volume covers all the twisting leg locks, toe holds, Estima locks, and the mysterious Aoki lock mark the closing moments of this first volume.

  1. Straight leg Locks

All the stuff Craig demonstrates in the first volume of ”Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos” doesn’t leave much space for other leg locks. However, the distinction of straight and twisting locks is a very simple one and one that is extremely useful to systematize leg locks in a cohesive manner. The straight leg locks that he explores in this volume are ankle locks and kneebars.

The “basic” ankle lock opens up, and there’s a different focus than the one we’re used to seeing. While most people try and explain how to break an ankle, Craig covers the kick out problem and how to solve it once and for all .Form here on, you can actually beak an ankle in several different ways and with next to no effort. Building on the straight Ashi Garami ankle lock, Craig covers a 50/50setup and finish, Lachlan Giles-style, that will leave you drooling.

There’s not much new information in the kneebars chapter, but there are some finishing mechanics details that seem like they’ll come in handy. I haven’t had the chance to test them out yet, though.

  1. Triangle Strangles

mounted triangle choke - High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos Craig Jones DVD ReviewThe triangle is Craig Jones’ favorite submission, or at least it was before he discovered leg locks.  Once again, the approach is a blend of Lachlan Giles and John Danaher problem solving, which is, arguably, an unbeatable combination in BJJ. The third volume beings with Craig analyzing the main problems of the front triangle, and of course, offering simple solutions. He goes over the side, rear, and reverse triangle as well, offering problem-solving answers to the most common questions.

The innovative aspect of this Crag Jones DVD is that he talks and analyzes past matches a lot. He offers a way to counter the “Adam Wardzinski bridge” when looking for a side triangle and tells the story of how he tapped to a heel hook to Nathan Orchard (the only time he did so) and the roles triangles played in that particular match.

The triangle setup for endomorphs, aka the people who coaches often tell “you’re not the triangle type” is a great way to shut everyone up and cap off the penultimate volume of this instructional.

  1. Entering The Triangle Choke

While this volume is dubbed “triangle choke entries, it is far from the usual mount and guard triangle setups. In the final portion of “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos”, Jones focuses on entering triangles via dilemma attacks, using mostly other submissions from literally every position.

First up are entries into all types of triangles against kneeling, standing, and half-kneeling opponents. Creative entries like the lumberjack and overhooks are just a couple that really stand out. The Williams guard also makes an appearance, offering some interesting takes on a triangle from there that even Shaw Williams would be proud of.

The real gem is in the closing chapters, though, where submission entries into a triangle strangle make an appearance. Simply put, Craig Jones can triangle people from guillotines, Ashi Garami, 50/50, and just about anything else you can think of. Now you can too!

In Conclusion

Blending high-level triangle chokes of all varieties and both straight and twisting leg locks is the dream of every submission hunter. Now, it is possible to learn this crucial skillset without having to spend the next couple of years going through countless volumes of a DVD set. Instead, Craig Jones offers everything ina cohesive and precise manner and will have you executing the combos in just a few months. Pick up the “Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos” Craig Jones DVD and see for yourself.

Craig Jones – High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos

CraigJones Cover1 1024x1024 300x202 - High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos Craig Jones DVD Review
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