Neil Melanson Instructional: “Shin Whizzer System” Review

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So, we’re back again with yet another one Neil Melanson instructional. What is there left to say about the man or his work? Nobody can blend in different grappling martial arts than the Ground Marshall himself. Still, even with som much elite level content, he still finds ways to surprise us. Wrestling, BJJ or any kind of grappling, they all use a variation of the Whizzer. However, Melanson is definitely the first one to do it with the help of his legs. His latest instructional is the Shin Whizzer System DVD which breaks down this brand new concept across four different volumes.

Neil Melanson – Shin Whizzer System (DVD/DIGITAL)

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We all love ourselves a brand new move that’ll piss out pretty much everyone in the gym. The only trouble with moves like this si that people wise up to them pretty quickly. Well, if you go for an entirely new take on an old move, you might just have better success with it. And if you take it to a whole new level and use an entire concept-based system, you’ve got something new, efficient and exciting. That’s exactly what this Neil Melanson instructional is full of. The Shin Whizzer System DVD is a blueprint to a never-before-seen No-Gi grappling system of control and attacks that literally nobody is going to expect.

A Modern Day Catch Wrestling Neil Melanson Instructional

Neil Melanson is one of the greatest grapplers alive, a former Air Marshal and supreme coach, blah, blah blah. Seriously if you have no idea who Neil Melanson you must have been living under some mats. If you’d like to know about him, and all of his work, which is plentiful, by the way, you can check out our review of his entire collection. IF you want the ultra-short version, Neil is a grappler who you need to learn from. Period!

Melanson has a unique and highly unorthodox style of grappling that makes him one of the modern BJJs unsolvable puzzles. His rich catch wrestling, Judo and Sambo background is pretty much responsible for introducing so many new concepts to Brazilian Jiu-JItsu. There’s no precise way to describe his style other than effective, and not very legal, in terms of IBJJF rules. However, his work is applicable both in the Gi and No-Gi and he is a joy to watch. Seriously, I doubt there’s a better spoken grappling coach out there. Furthermore, the man is tireless as the “Ground Marshall” is just full of surprises. He releases DVD after DVD, all of them containing grappling knowledge that has a huge impact on the entire sport.

This latest Neil Melanson instructional, called the Shin Whizzer System is the perfect example. I mean, ok we do Americanas and Kimura’s with the legs from time to time, but doing a Shin Whizzer? The Whizzer is a spot that offers amazing upper body control both standing and on the ground. In essence, it is a version of an overhook, on that is a staple in wrestling. While wrestlers use it mostly to control the torso and prevent takedowns, Neil provides us with plenty more brutally effective ways to use the Whizzer.

The “Shin Whizzer System” DVD Review

Neil Melanson’s DVDs, just like his grappling style, tend to stand out from the crowd. He likes to cover all related material when he goes over a subject. The way he does it is by really going deep into every possible scenario. In fact, you could say that your “usual” Neli Melanson Instructional contains chapters with scenarios rather than concepts or techniques. That way, he manages to incorporate everything and help you build a complete game. Furthermore, one chapter in a Neil Melanson instructional lasts much longer than in your garden variety BJJ DVDs. You might get only a few chapters per volume, but the length of each volume is still well over an hour. Moreover, all the material is elite-level and proven to work in both BJJ and MMA.

The Shin Whizzer DVD, in particular, is one more four-part grappling instructional by Neil Melanson. Each volume covers a different, yet related aspect of the Shin Whizzer System. AS expected, it starts with an introduction. In fact, the entire first volume is all about fundamental concepts behind the Shin Whizzer. This is understandable, as it is a brand new concept in grappling. Moving forward, you get a blend of BJJ and catch wrestling submissions that you can catch from the position. Volume three goes into some funk wrestling stuff, including crazy subs and smooth transitions to better spots. Finally, volume four connects the shin Whizzer to the headlocks, introducing a new bunch of attacking possibilities to the mix.

#1 Shin Whizzer Concepts

37zd9l - Neil Melanson Instructional: "Shin Whizzer System" ReviewFirst things first- what the hell is this Shin Whizzer? Well, just like a regular Whizzer, only you use your shin instead of your forearm. Confusing, I know. But bear with me. The Shin Whizzer is not some wacky move that you can pull off standing. On the contrary, this is a Whizzer variation intended for ground fighting.  In fact, think of a hybrid between a knee shield and a dogfight position. That’s the easiest way to describe the Shin WHizze for now. That said, Melanson does it much more Justine when he explains it in the opening two chapters.

Apart from the concepts, he also shares a key entry into the position. In fact, the way the Shin Whizzer System is actually set up is that it works as a kind of a guard. I say kind, because the angle and positioning are weird, to say the least. That does not mean it is not effective, though. One thing that’s glaringly obvious is how easy you can take someone’s back. In fact, this is exactly what Melanson covers in the final chapter of the first volume of the Shin Whizzer System DVD.

#2 Shin Whizzer Submissions

Volume two, and it is time for this Nei Melanson instructional to really kick into Ground Marshall gears. In other words, it is time for some brutal, signature Melanson submission options off of the Shin Whizzer. Up first is a leg lock, something of a specialty of Neil. The submission itself is a knee compression, however, the angle of getting it is brand new – back mount. In fact, it is the back mount acquired via the Shin Whizzer from the previous volume.

The submissions that follow come in all shapes and sizes, beginning with the triangle choke. Speaking of which, it is a Senkako to a helicopter triangle to make things attractive and interesting. In a tribute to one of his teachers, Gene LeBell Melanson also demonstrates the LeBell lock, which is a variation of an Omoplata. Finally, a leg lace and wicked D’arce-Kimura combo attacks complete the second portion of the Shin Whizzer System DVD. Halfway through and already the number of submissions is larger than most other grappling instructionals out there.

#3 Shin Whizzer Funk Moves

Volume three heads deep into Neil Melanson territory. Here, you get a taste of something different, to say the least. Things like the back step swing reverse triangle body lock and a cruel biceps lock are clear examples of what you can expect. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

37zd5p - Neil Melanson Instructional: "Shin Whizzer System" ReviewA Judo Style Senkaku follows and it is particularly impressive. This where you see how Neil connects grappling martial arts together. He starts off from the Shin Whizzer, a wrestling modification, and ends in a modified Judo move, which is the Senkaky, Genious and extremely effective. Furthermore, he demonstrates a few half guard moves to introduce even more versatility. The power half to a triangle finish is one, followed by a Ricky Lundell –style funk roll. Wrapping it all up is a funk roll that opens up a D’arce from the Shin Whizzer.

#4 Shin Whizzer Headlocks

Finally, a real threat for all guillotine lovers out there. IF you were wondering why there were no guillotines so far, even though there;’s at least one in every Neil Melanson instructional, it is because they get a volume of their own. Neil sure loves guillotines and everything front headlock-related. So, he found a way of obtaining a brutal front headlock from his brand new Shin Whizzer System.

The arm in guillotine is first, with some crazy detailed tips on gripping and finishing. Following suit is one of my most favorite moves ever – the Shultz front headlock. From there, Melanson shares both transitional attacks, as well as a new take on the classic Shultz choke. A kimura that stems off the Shin Whizzer System completes this volume, but not before Neil covers a turning transition from the Shin Whizzer.

In Summary

By now, we expect crazy, effective and never-before-seen stuff from a Neil Melanson instructional. However, the Shin Whizzer System DVD is something else entirely. It is not just new, it is revolutionary. It is brutally effective and bound to work against grapplers of all levels. In fact, it is something we’ll start seeing in tournaments in no time, so make sure you’re among the first to start using it!

Neil Melanson – Shin Whizzer System (DVD/DIGITAL)

Neil Melanson cover 1024x1024 1024x689 - Neil Melanson Instructional: "Shin Whizzer System" Review
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