REVIEW: Matheus Diniz DVD – Position To Submission

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Matheus Diniz launched his first Instructional DVD called Position To Submission. And Position to submission is exactly what Matheus Diniz DVD instructional is trying to teach you from the start.

If you decide to purchase it you have three options available:

Position to Submission Matheus Diniz DVD/
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I purchased the OnDemand version so I can stream it online and I’m able to download it and bring it with me. BTW sorry for my bad English as I’m not the native English speaker.

About Matheus Diniz

Before I get into a review I’ll say a few words about Matheus Diniz. Matheus is a long-time student from one of the best Jiu-Jitsu practitioners ever, Marcelo Garcia. Since he started training Marcelo Garcia was his Instructor and Mentor. And that’s something that adds a lot to Matheus’ credibility.

As I’m a long-time subscriber to Marcelo Garcia’s online academy I was watching Matheus training all the time. I was watching his sparrings, techniques, chats. The most interesting watch was his rolls with Marcelo Garcia. In those sparrings, I saw how good Matheus really is. He was one of the few that Marcelo Garcia wasn’t toying with. I can say that Marcelo was having a really hard time trying to counter everything that Matheus was throwing at him. That’s the main reason why I purchased Matheus Diniz DVDs. The only thing I was worried about is the way he’ll explain techniques he decided to show, but after watching his Matheus Diniz DVD I was impressed.

About Position To Submission – Matheus Diniz DVD

I’m a huge fan of instructional DVDs as I believe that instructors show the best things they know. The reason is simple, they want to sell it. And they can’t really something that you can find on youtube. That’s what Matheus was having in his mind when he was making these DVDs. I believe he decided to show something that you won’t find Online. And that’s what makes this instructional so great and in the advantage of everything I saw till now.

Matheus Diniz DVD is not about pure techniques but it’s about the concept and a full approach to the position of your choice. He will teach you techniques from the very first beginning of your sparring or a competitive match. You’ll be able to learn everything step by step.

Position To Submission – Matheus Diniz DVD REVIEW

Let’s say you pull guard and you’re playing De La Riva. OK, you know how to play De La Riva. Let’s say you know how to make some submission from it. But, there’s a lot of steps in between that you were never thinking of. Those steps are something why you can’t go for your favorite submissions many times. That’s why you’re losing control and you’re not able to impose your own style against someone who will most likely know what you’re doing. That’s Matheus Diniz DVD instructional is great.

Matheus will teach you how to control your opponent, how to go for the submission and how to finish it. You’ll be able to understand pretty good what’s going on there and what problems you can encounter.

I really like the way how Matheus approaches problems and how he explains it. I’m training Jiu-Jitsu for more than 10 years now and I’m an Instructor but I was still impressed with all the details I learned from this.

Also, you’ll see a huge influence from Marcelo Garcia and Bernardo Faria in these DVDs. Matheus really decided to show the best stuff he learned from his instructors and the people around him.


I’m very critical about DVD instructionals, especially those that show technique after technique. No matter how good techniques are I need something more when I paid for it. I want to pay for something that will show me the concept and full process of doing something. No matter if that’s position or submission or sweep or anything else. That’s exactly why I like Matheus Diniz DVDs and I believe it’s the best investment to my BJJ knowledge lately. It’s worth every cent I gave for it. So if you decide to buy it, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Abel Akerman
BJJ Brown Belt

DVD 1:
-flower sweep to spiral armbar
-closed guard to single leg to armbar
-deep half to throw away trash to the crucifix
-half guard reverse de la Riva sweep to mount to armbar

DVD 2:
-knee cut sweep to back take to choke
-de la Riva single-leg wipe to kneebar or over/under pass
-half guard sweep to side to armbar or bow & arrow
-butterfly sweep to near side spiral armbar

DVD 3:
-closed guard pass to paper cutter choke
-knee cut pass from half guard to katagatame
-knee shield pass to north-south choke
-2 variations of spider guard pass to armbar

DVD 4:
-de la Riva pass to triangle finish
-open guard to jumping butterfly pass to paper cutter + open guard to folding pass to crucifix finish
-guillotine from sitting guard + back take from guillotine defense
-3 passes from a locked half guard with armbar finishes

Position to Submission Matheus Diniz DVD/
Screenshot 22 300x201 - REVIEW: Matheus Diniz DVD - Position To Submission