“Game Changer” Paul Schreiner DVD Full Review

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As I get deeper and deeper into the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I seem to be loving the old-school approach more and more. I love people that work with pressure, those share nuances and simple concepts that are literal game-changers. Unfortunately, there are not many of those around and high-quality ones are even scarcer. Luckily there’s one guy out there that fits this description perfectly Ever since late purple/early brown belt, he has been among my favorites. And this instructional I’m about to cover here has to be his best. It is a great pleasure to be able to review the “Game Changer” Paul Schreiner DVD!

Paul Schreiner – Game Changer (DVD/DIGITAL/ON-DEMAND)

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There is something about a certain type of BJ Instructors (and world champs) out there that is just different from what others have to offer. When they teach, they have a real knack of filtering all the unnecessary stuff. Moreover, they have a way of presenting the key things in an extremely clear and comprehensible way. You know the type, they’re the grapplers that make you slap your forehead in a “Eureka” moment every time they show you something new. At the highest levels of the sport, one of those grapplers is Schreiner. Furthermore, there’s not an instructional out there that has ever been named more appropriately than this “Game Changer” Paul Schreiner DVD!

Overcoming Adversity With Paul Schreiner               

There are plenty o reasons why you need to own at least one Paul Schreiner DVD. So far, he has a couple that I know of, one of which we covered here before. Still, it is not just down to his teaching style that he should be on top of your list of BJJ instructors. Surprisingly, to an extent, it also doesn’t have to do with his competitive results. On the contrary, it is about the man himself, and what he represents that makes his style of BJJ one of the best ones you can learn from. At least if you want to keep on grappling for years and years to come.

gamechanger 2 - "Game Changer" Paul Schreiner DVD Full ReviewSchreiner is a Claudio Franca black belt and an Alliance team member. The 42-year-old grappler is originally from California and he didn’t start off in martial arts from the get-go. Instead, Paul’\\s early days saw him take up surfing which e kept on doing until senior year when he dabbled a bit with wrestling. Traveling to New Zealand soon put a stop to that, and it wasn’t until he got back, nursing a rugby-sustained knee injury that he discovered Jiu-Jitsu.

In terms of overcoming adversity, Paul didn’t have it easy. He blew his other knee while grappling, having to cut a promising competitive career short. A subsequent life-threatening staph infection only complicated matters more, and many would’ve given up at that point. After many surgeries, though, Schreiner went straight back to Jiu-Jitsu, training with the likes of BJ Penn, Gordo, and Dave Camarillo. He eventually earned his black belt in 2007. As a result of his trouble, he developed one of the most effective and technical well-rounded grappling games in existence. And now, his  “Game Changer” instructional can help you do the same.

The “Game Changer” Paul Schreiner DVD Full Review

What you can expect from the “Game Changer” Pau Schreiner DVD is not easy to explain. In fact, this might be the toughest review I’ve ever done. Musch to it is down to the structure and type of instructional. While the DVD is easily understandable and has a perfect structure, it does tend to make you think rather than just copy. That means that you’ll not only need to watch it over and over again but stop and go back as you do. Particularly if you’re attempting to apply what you’re learning in training at the same time. Moreover, the fact that this is a two-DVD set means you have double the usual amount of material to go through.

What you’ll end up with, though, after conquering this BJJ instructional is well worth the time and effort. Imagine if someone gave you a “secret” formula to help you with every possible position in BJJ. Imagine knowing how and why every position works, and what you need to do and not do in order to be safe, and to beat your opponent. Well, there’s no need to imagine such a thing anymore, as that is precisely what this Paul Schreiner DVD delivers. It is the perfect resource to make you a better competitor, a better student, better instructor and overall, a better grappler.

Disc 1 – The Secrets Of Movement

This is an instructional like no other, we already concluded that. But why is that? Let’s go step by step and figure out how the “Game Changer” DVD set works. In the opening volume, Paul starts by covering mostly movement. By movement, I mean revealing the secrets behind every motion that is specific to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For example, he starts by talking about the hip escape, revealing the importance of body alignment as he does. IT is safe to say that this is a brand new perspective on a move we do countless times during a class. He goes on to further explain how the core fundamentals work, talking about bridges and angles next.

A personal favorite of mine is the chapter on momentum. We very rarely give momentum the attention it deserves in grappling, and it can do so much for our game! Paul dumbs it down completely so that even complete beginners can grasp the concept easily. He also offers perfect examples of how to start live training and how to approach rolling. Moreover, he has some neat hand fighting principles that are going to solve all your grip fighting conundrums. Some concepts of Jiu-Jitsu’s safety and awareness also provide for unusual and highly entertaining new information.

As an introduction to the second volume, this first portion of the Paul Schreiner DVD focuses on some guard work, particularly recovery. However, instead of the usual technical multi-step systems, here you get a deeper kind of instructions. You’ll learn the reason behind what your opponent wants to do, as well as what you need to do. That’ll make guard recovery a real breeze, regardless of which guard you are playing.

Disc 2 – Understanding Control

The second portion of this DVD alone is worth probably more than all the instructionals I own in my collection. In fact, I’d gladly trade it in a heartbeat for more of the stuff that Paul teaches here. Namely, this is the dis where Paul talks about control In relation to how we use it in Jiu-Jitsu.

36u9h9 - "Game Changer" Paul Schreiner DVD Full ReviewThe opening chapter starts with head control principles. Both in standing and on the ground APul demonstrates how you can control the head, and what advantages this type of control brings to you. He then moves on to explore control from a different position, beginning in the guard. Before you can attack from the guard, you need to know how to control it. If you don’t you’ll constantly be working on guard recovery rather than attacking. Grip fighting once again gets a lot of attention here, rightfully so.

As you might presume, the next portion of the  “Game Changer” DVD looks at control from top positions. IN fact, ti really cracks on of the major riddles f Jiu-JItsu – obtaining control while passing the guard. From grip breaking through dealing with frames a pummeling, all the way to the mount, Shreiner offers a foolproof system based on principles. Heading in the “old-school” Jiu-Jitsu direction, the proceeds to show an armbar. However, the focus here is on breaking defenses rather than looking at the submission we all know. A final leg control principle for all top positions rounds off this DVD in style.

In Summary

All in all, any Paul Schreiner DVD is well worth having. This one, though is something that’s going to blow your mind, particularly if you’re a purple belt and above. The ‘Game Changer” is a unique resource that’ll help you develop a foolproof JIu-Jitsu game. It is not only about going through the movements, but it is about understanding how they work and what’ the goal of each of them. In essence, this is a real blueprint for understanding BJJ rather than just a demonstration of random moves.

Paul Schreiner – Game Changer (DVD/DIGITAL/ONDEMAND)

Screenshot 663 212x300 - "Game Changer" Paul Schreiner DVD Full Review
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