Why You Need Fish Oil Supplements For Jiu-Jitsu


Healthy joints, better recovery, fewer injuries, more cardio, more strength, bigger muscles, losing fat… All of these qualities are on the priority list of grapplers worldwide. They depend on a host of factors and are mainly down to the individual. In terms of achieving them, most people try to look for a shortcut. Who wants to spend 16 grueling weeks losing fat the old fashioned way? Instead, it is much easier to swallow a pull or dilute some powdered supplement and you’re all set. The only trouble is, you’ll probably spend more money achieving less than what you would otherwise. Well, in some cases, at least. While supplements do have their drawback and advantages, like everything else, some of them are actually really good for grapplers. Sadly, there are still no supplements for Jiu-Jitsu that’ll turn you into Gordon Ryan after a few weeks. There are some, though, that’ll give you a chance to become a world-class grappler because they help keep you on the mats. One example is fish oil.

Supplementing With Fish Oil

Supplementing with fish oil is nothing new. Every time you end up with a supplement that’s just an improved form of something used traditionally, you can be certain you have something that works. Back in the day, people used to gulp tablespoonsful of fish oil. I remember that experiences from when I was a kid, along with the gag reflex they caused. Today, thankfully, things are much simpler. Chugging down a few fish oil capsules is much more bearable. If you get high-quality ones, even your subsequent burps won’t have that old fish oil aftertaste. But why fish oil? Out of all the supplements for Jiu-Jitsu, it might seem like fish oil is a trivial thing to take. Well, perhaps you should reconsider.

As you’ll see further down this article, fish oil is anything but just another oil. it is so rich with nutrients that it could single-handedly make you a better athlete. The trouble is, most of the world’s population is deficient in some way. This means that even if you start taking fish oil regularly today, you’ll still need to catch up before you see certain benefits. that said, the moment you start taking this supplement, you’re going to feel positive changes. And, fro the battered grappler out there, fish oil should be the first one you buy when you’re putting together your supplements for Jiu-Jitsu.

Supplements That Work

During the course of this entire article, I’ll try and convince you why you need to include fish oil in your supplements for Jiu-Jitsu. However, before we go into fish oil, let’s briefly take a look at some other supplements that actually work.

fish oil - Why You Need Fish Oil Supplements For Jiu-JitsuMultivitamins should be the second thing you get (right after fish oil) if you’re serious about training. Actually, if you just want to be healthy, you’ll need to take them on a daily basis. There are too many different brands of multivitamins out there to choose from. Similarly to fish oil, most people are deficient in one or more, and overdosing isn’t really a thing for concern. So take the prescribed those early and enjoy a healthier life.

Next up for grapplers must be creatine. It is the one performance oriented supplement that does what it says. Creatine is going to increase your ability to work at a higher rate, for longer. This doesn’t mean you’ll have an endless gas tank, but you’ll be able to find the energy for that last push much more often. It also hast eh ability to increase muscle size, if that’s what you’re after. Be wary of only one thing though. Creatine binds water, so if you’re cutting weight for a competition, lay off it for a couple of weeks. It is the safest, effective supplement for Jiu-Jitsu out there, and a surprisingly cheap one at that!

Whey protein is more of a meal replacement than supplement nowadays. Still, it works perfectly and should also be an integral part of your supplement stack.

What’s The Deal With Fish Oil

Back to fish oil, then. Fish oil is mainly made up of two very important fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the main components in fish oil. The one thing you should know about them si ratio. When you’re choosing your fish oil supplement, make sure it has a 1.5:1 EPA: DHA ratio. Apart from Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil also contains high levels of Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. All these are essential for our bodies, and we have a distinct lack due to modern lifestyle.

Omega 3 fatty acids, in particular, cannot be produced by our own bodies. This means we must rely on food to get our daily dose of them. However, apart from leaving in Japan or perhaps the Mediterranean, this is a very hard and/or expensive thing to accomplish. This is exactly why fish oil supplements exist.

Fish oil has noticeable anti-inflammatory effects, boosts brain function, helps the immune system, provides energy and can lead to fat loss and even muscle gain. not this is not the same mumbo jumbo as you hear for all other supplements in the store. All this is actually backed by scientific research. It also won’t make you the Hulk in just 3 months but will have a gradual and continuous positive effect on your training. Supplements for Jiu-Jitsu must include fish oil, one with as high a dose of EPA and DHA as possible, along with the correct ratio.

DVDwrapGeorge Lockhart 37e9ae06 f7cf 491a a885 df26987ee46e 1024x1024 300x202 - Why You Need Fish Oil Supplements For Jiu-JitsuGeroge Lockhart devotes a lot of attention to fish oil in his “Nutrition And Weight Management System” bundle. He has a whole DVD dedicated to supplements, as well as a large part of the accompanying e-book. Check it out for yourself and learn even more about the power of fish oil!

Fish Oil Supplements For Jiu-Jitsu

Let’s dwell a bit more on the positive effects of fish oil supplements for Jiu-Jitsu athletes. After all, we need specific benefits in terms of grappling, not just some general mumbo-jumbo.

The key benefit for athletes is the ability of fish oil to decrease muscle soreness. The way it works is by reducing inflammation. After rolling, all involved muscles (meaning all muscles) have a certain degree of inflammation. Fish oil helps reduce it massively and quickly, allowing your muscles much faster recovery.

86960882294b431439ecz 1 1024x538 - Why You Need Fish Oil Supplements For Jiu-JitsuThere’s also ample research out there that indicates how supplementing with fish oil can improve body composition. Fish oil affects the resting metabolic rate, fat oxidation, and cortisol excretion. They also have a boosting effect on muscle protein synthesis by improving the muscles’ anabolic response.

Fish oil is also a powerful tool in the prevention of a bunch of chronic and serious diseases. It improves heart function, lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as blood pressure. There’s also a notable anti-inflammatory effect on the blood vessels. Furthermore, fish oil provides a boost to the brain, especially memory.

In terms of dosage and taking, things are simple. Take 3 grams of fish oil daily, and always consume it around meal time, as it is best to take fish oil supplements along with food. The number of capsules you take per day will vary depending on the type of supplement you choose. You could also position them throughout the day instead of taking it all at once.

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