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Ladies and gentlemen, Gary Tonon has joined the digital BJJ Community! The standout grappler and undefeated MAM fighter have now issued his first-ever BJJ instructional. AS expected ti is a masterpiece and it is not a small one you can go over in a few hours, You’ll need days to just watch all the stuff in there, let alone master them. Speaking of which, this inaugural Gary Tonon DVD has the coolest name so far “Exit the System”. In stark contrast to his teacher Danaher’s “Enter The System” submission hinting series, Tonon offers a set of submission escapes that cover everything you can and cannot think of.

Gary Tonon – Exit The System (DVD/DIGITAL)

Garry Tonon Cover PART 2 480x480 - Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD Review
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I’ve been itching to get my hands on a Gary Tonon DVD for a while now. After ADCC, I guess he couldn’t ignore the cries of the BJJ community anymore. He did have a great run, winning silver, and producing the most memorable match of the tournament along with Renato Canuto. As a grappler, Tonon is one of the strongest submission artists out there. His submission rate is crazy high, and we haven’t seen him tap on too many occasions. In fact, I only remember one. To that extent, he is a real master of escapes, unrivaled when it comes to slithering out of stuff. Now, “Exit the System” is here and Tonon shares all his neat little escape secrets.

The First Gary Tonon DVD Instructional

Whatever I say about Gry Tonon is probably going to be redundant at the point. He is a black belt under Tom DeBlass and Ricardo Almeida, and one of the original founding members of the Danaher Death Squad. He is the man who, along with Eddie Cummings and a very young and skinny Gordon Ryan changed the landscape of Jiu-Jitsu forever. For those competing at the local scene in New York, the submission success of Tonon and his teammates was nothing new. At the largest stages though, they came in with a bang, mostly in the form of heel hooks. Safe to say, Jiu-Jitsu was never the same again.

While Gordon Ryan has quickly followed in the footsteps of Danaher and went on to release several instructionals., a Gary Tonon DVD remained just a dream. Until now. Given his constant grappling training and seminars, and his pro MMA career, it is crazy that Tonon found the time to produce one. However, as we’ve come to expect from him, the DVD is pure genius, and there’s nothing rushed about it. In fact, in 8 volumes and over 10 hours of playing time, it is safe to say he has covered everything there is about escaping. Plus, naming his DVD (or hopefully, series) “Exit the System” is the perfect way of bringing his trademark style of fun and games into the mix.

The Art Of Escaping

Do you know what the most important trait of a submission hunter is? Not getting submitted. Only when you’re safe, you can go about hunting for submissions of your own. To that extent, training specific escapes are of paramount importance. However, many people either do not train them at all or focus on just a fraction of what they should be training. In those terms, you need both early, middle and late escapes when it comes to submissions. And most people are stuck in the middle.

If you want escapes that works, you need to think about prevention. That’s the perfect way to actually have enough space to go hunting for submissions of our own and how your opponents how things should actually be done. However, sometimes you get stuck, you get caught t or you make a mistake. In those circumstances., you need to know how to get out of even the tightest submission hold there is. There’s always a way to escape in BJJ, even that the latest possible stage of submission. This Gary Tonon DVD is going to revolutionize the way you see submissions, and in particular, escapes. Exit the System has changed my entire approach to the submission game, and I know it’ll change yours.

“Exit The System” Gary Tonon DVD Review

So, how exactly is this Gary Tonon DVD so different from other escape DVDs out there? Well, for one, it ha more information than anyone has dared to put in an instructional before. It is 8 volumes long and features dedicated parts for each submission family. That means you get to learn not only escapes from every possible submission but all of its variations as well. Not to mention that Gary probably has the most charismatic and fun personality out of anyone in the DDS. Techni9cal aspects like sound and camera work are pristine.

In terms of content, everything is arranged in a very logical and easy to follow way. “Exit the System” begins with an introduction and mindset, quickly followed but armbar escapes. Byu armbar, I mean straight armbar only. That’ because part two takes over covering bent armlocks like Kimura an Americana. The guillotine is the star of part number three, while the fourth volume is all about triangles from every conceivable position.


The very first Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD volume starts off with an introduction that;’s intended to teach you the staples of submission escapes, rather than just techniques. In fact, about a third of the opening volume covers stuff like training methodology, the philosophy of escapes and the stages of escaping. There are four stages by thee away, and they’re all very easy to understand. Also, there’s a portion in there on problem-solving as the basis for escapes.

When it comes to specific stuff, armbars are a great way to kick things off. The straight armbar is available from pretty much anywhere, which is why Tonon starts with prevention tactics from both top and bottom. Early escape tactics come first, but others soon follow. There’s a turning example that covers how to actually do the Hiitschiker escapes that everyone love s but most fail. Moreover, there’s a very different approach to the stack armbar defense, one I personally enjoy doing a lot. Combination escapes, top lock, and half armbar escapes also feature, along with other really cool stuff.

2. Kimuras

If you have shoulders that are completely inflexible (like me) you’re probably having a really hard time getting out of Kimuras. For me, it is the one submission that plagues me the most, and mobility ahs a lot to do with it. Or so I thought.

Once again, the formula is the same. Tonon starts with a short introduction and moves on to prevention tactics first. Once again, both top and bottom positions are covered in detail. As this volume of the Gary Tonon DVD progresses, he goes into some really cool escape options, starting from the full guard Kimura. It is one of the toughest positions to escape or was before Exit the System became available. Following suit are options to block and counter Kimuras from the turtle, side control, half guard (top and bottom), etc. Even featuring ar some of Danaher’s signature Kimuras, like the one arm and the T kimura. Finally, and expectedly, the Kimura trap, mostly from a single leg gets a lot of attention as well as some slick Tonon magic.

3. Guillotines

Guillotine Half Guard Bottom Escape BJJ Techniques by Garry Tonon - Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD ReviewThe way Tonon sis going, BJJ is going to run out of submissions and fast. The third volume covers the guillotines of all shapes and sizes. An overview is first, right before the low elbow guillotine escape system. Here, there’s hardly any prevention to do, apart from not getting caught in a headlock. So, late defenses are where Tonon’s focus is. The late defense to the High elbow guillotine is a godsend, given the popularity of the move nowadays. Plus, there are solutions for the arm-in guillotine and figure four guillotine as well. A few positional tips and tricks regarding arm spinning and the half guard round off yet another volume of this Gary Tonon DVD.

4. Triangles

Marking the halfway point of the “Exit The System: instructional are triangles. In all fairness, the regular triangle has gotten so much attention over the years that escapes are plentiful. However, the approach Gary brings is a brand new one, meaning here’s a lot to add to what we already know. Prevention is huge here and a good portion of this volume is actually dedicated to it. Tonon outlines several stages of prevention, from leg interception to some neat and sneaky shoulder turns. Early and late escapes follow, as usual.

Front Triangle Late Escape   BJJ Techniques by Garry Tonon - Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD ReviewThe one thing that’s very different about this volume is that it also covers how to escape triangle variations. The rear triangle has been destroying everyone left and right, as is the inverted triangle. Both of them, along with the side triangle are solved here, and in more ways than one.

5. Arm Triangles & Back

The portion on arm triangles AKA kata Gatame is also a very important one. As someone who specializes in D’arce chokes, I find this volume quite interesting. For one, I don’t want people learning new escapes, but from another point of view, I do get insight into escapes and how they work so I can stop them. In that sense, it is mostly front headlock D’arces, although Tonon shows a few Anaconda escapes as well. A mounted arm triangle escape wraps this portion off.

Before Exit The System continues with something everyone been hoping for, though there are a couple more chapters. here, Tonon addresses the back position. In particular, he shows an awesome way to deal with the figure four body lock, the most notorious of back mount variations.

6. Heel Hooks & Ankle Locks

As I said, this is the portion of this Gary Tonon DVD everyone was hoping for – leglock escapes. Who better to teach you leglocks that one of the pioneers of the particular aspect of the game? Well, Tonon certainly takes this seriously, offering different escapes in different volumes. Part 6 of Exit the System is all about heel hook and ankle lock escapes.

Escaping The Outside Heel Hook by Garry Tonon - Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD ReviewWhen it comes to heel hooks, Tonon offers ways out of everything, Similarly to leg lock attacks, his escapes follow the hierarchy of Ashi Garami. An Irimi Ashi Garmi is first before the outside Ashi and %0/%0 get some attention. finally, there’s a cool solution for the greatest leg lock riddle of hem all – the Inside Snekaku and the devastating inverted heel hook from there.

Before the volume end, Gary offers a few Achilles loc escapes as well, even though he doesn’t particularly like doing them as attacks. The sit out and rotating escapes make up for most of the tactics in this portion.

7. Toe Holds & Kneebars

As I said, Tonon Took his task of outlining leg lock escapes very seriously. So, after the heel hooks and ankle locks DVD, he keeps going, covering kneebars and toe holds. Once again Danaher’s tactics get a lot of attention, .as they’re the prime leg log attacks at our disposal. So, in terms of toe holds, there are two avenues of escaping – getting out of the single leg and double trouble toe holds.

The same trend continues when it comes to the kneebar escapes in the Exit the System Gary Tonon DVD. Single and double trouble escapes feature, right after an overview of the submission itself, outlining its weak points. The perfect way to approach escaping some of the nasties submissions out there.

8. Omoplata + Bonus Material

In the eighth and final part of his first DVD instructional, Gary Tonon covers the Omoplata in the opening chapters. More precisely, he covers Omoplata escapes, that move progressively from the most logical one to a crazy, very late, rolling escape. Suffice to say, all of them work perfectly at different stages of the attack.

The largest portion of this final Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD, though, offers something different. Tonon here goes live, offering narration in rolls he does from bad spots. Speaking of which, he starts off mounted, then gets himself into all kinds of bad spots. Positions feature front headlock, armbar, 50/50, back, guard and triangles. Of course, the task is to get out, and he does it to perfection against fully resisting partners.


At first, Danaher’s DVDs really changed the way people look at Jiu-Jitsu. Then came Ryan, and changed not only how we see BJJ, but the structure of DVD instructionals as well. Just when you thought there’s nothing more from the DDS to surprise us, Tonon didi it all over again. Both his take on escapes and the way the Exit The System DVD is structured are new and unique ways of providing key information for grapplers. I’m certainly looking forward to more of his stuff coming in in a digital format.

Gary Tonon – Exit The System (DVD/DIGITAL)

Garry Tonon Cover PART 2 480x480 - Exit The System Gary Tonon DVD Review
Techniques List