Dean Lister DVD Review: IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets


Dean Lister. The man who got me into leg locks. Actually, the man who got everyone into leg locks. Dean is the reason John Danaher got so interested in leg locks in the first place. Just one sentence Lister said to Danaher about ignoring 50% of the human body had a butterfly effect on the entire evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Well, the original leg locker is back with yet another awesome leg locking instructional of his own. IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets is just what we’ve been missing from Lister, and as usual, we have the very first Dean Lister DVD review for you.

Dean Lister – IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets

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A Dean Lister BJJ Instructional is a simple thing. Two things are important – Dean has more knowledge about leg locks than anyone alive. Moreover, he has a great way of presenting information in a way that won’t require you to write down complex flow charts and theн have to remember them while training. In other words, as you’ll see in our Dean Lister DVD review, you’re in for one fo the simplest, yet most powerful leg locking instructional ever. What makes IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets even more fun is that it is perfect for everyone, beginner or expert, Gi or No-Gi.

Mr. Leg Locker

Dean Lister has a slightly unusual take on leg locks. And it is just what the doctor ordered. In a time where we might’ve even taken leg locks a bit too far, in terms of systems, positions, and options. It is nice to take a look at a less complicated version of it all. Especially when all of the stuff works. Not to mention that everything in this DVD is 1005 legal as well, meaning you don’t’; have to think about where you are – you just need to do the stuff, the way Dean says you should.

maxresdefault 35 1024x576 - Dean Lister DVD Review: IBJJF Legal Leg Attack SecretsDean Lister is a black belt under Jeffrey Higgs, of the Rickson Gracie lineage. He has been training a while, being a black belt since 2003. That gives him nearly 30 years of experience in BJJ, and a good chunk of it has everything to do with leg locks. Lister has a couple of ADCC titles to his name as well as winning the trials. Despite training with the Gi exclusively for the first 8 years of his career, that right there shows where his true passion lies.

Dean Lister AKA the “Boogeyman” has always been notorious for his foot lock game. He has an impressive number of victories via leg locks, close, I think, to 75 % of all his submissions wins. The most impressive thing is that they range between heel hooks, foot locks, toe holds, and kneebars. Not to mention that some of his victims include people like Saulo Ribeiro, Rodolfo Vieira, Cyborg, etc.

His old-school system was presented in his “K.A.T.C.H.” series which is pretty much a mandatory learning tool for any aspiring leg locker out there. He has since refreshed us on a couple of occasions, but he has never issued an instructional like IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets. Check out the detailed Dean Lister DVD review to see what you’re’ getting with this 3 part instructional.

Going Legal

Let’s get the legal stuff out of the way first. IN Brazilan JIu-JItsu, IBJJF rules are taken as the gold standard. In most cases, of course, but still, these rules are here to stay, and they won’t undergo massive changes anytime soon. That means that if you want to compete in the Gi, are not yet invite-only material, or you simply want to compete for as much as possible, you’ll need to know what you can do in IBJJF tournaments. It is not much, in terms of leg locks, but it is more than enough.

Legally, you can do foot locks at any belt. You can’t do heel hooks at any belt. Toe holds, kneebars and calf slicers are unlocked when you “level up” to a brown belt. Apart from that, you need to be pretty careful of the position you choose to execute your leg locks. The infamous “knee reap” will get you DQ-ed even if you are doing a straight ankle lock from there. That’s it in a nutshell.

If you want to remove a lot of the thinking and wondering, though, and build a legal leg lock game plan, here’s nothing more you need than the latest Dan Lister Instructional. IBJJF legal Leg Attack Secrets really does show you some of the “secret” things you can pull off in any IBJJF match to get airtight foot locks, Dean Lister-style.

IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets Dean Lister DVD Review

The IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets instructional is an easy one to follow. Dean has everything set up in three parts, which are further divided into sections. Now, Lister wants to talk, so you can expect chapters in this instructional to be long and detailed. That doesn’t make them complicated though, which is something of a special trait of Lister.

The instructional opens with straight foot locks. If you think these don’t work at the highest level, try and watch some of Dean’s ADCC matches. He actually talks about examples from his matches against high-level opponents as he clears foot locks up. The second part has two main sections, one on defending foot locks, and the other on “other” foot locks. Finally, in the third part, Lister covers knee bars and toe holds, along with some great leg locking drills.

The ply-by-play Dean Lister DVD review of his IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets is as follows:

Part 1 – Straight Foot Locks

The IBJJF Legal leg Attack Secrets instructional starts with a crash course on foot locks. If you’re one of those people that think straight foot locks don’t work at the highest levels, this is the DVD to change your mind. Dean offers crazy detils when itcomes to teh concepts behidn ankle locks. Moreover, he likes to use a simplified version of positioning for ankle locks.

In this highly illuminating portion of the Dean Lister DVD review, I learned that you don’t have to use the Ashi Garami system to get a solid ankle lock on anyone. Den has setups from standing, open guard both on the outside and inside. Moreover, he puts a huge nail in the coffin of the “boot” defense most people try to use against straight foot locks.

Part 2- Defense And Unusual Foot Locks

Right after Dean takes care of the usual “boot” defense, he goes into some defensive concepts of his own. He has a different take on defense. In fact, he doesn’t jsut look at defending foot locks. On the contrary eh categorizes the defensive leg lock game as escapes, defenses, and counters. That means that once a defense is in place, Dean either completely disengages from a leg lock battle, or goes int counter leg locks. He explains this entire concept to perfection inside the DVD.

deans listen gold bjj online 1 1024x571 - Dean Lister DVD Review: IBJJF Legal Leg Attack SecretsThe second part of this volume covers some not so usual foot locks. Thee includes primarily the Estima lock and the Corkscrew lock. both are pretty innovative and have an “unregulated” status under the IBJJF. For now, you can do them at almost all levels (Estiam is forbidden at white belt level” but do make sure you check back the rulebooks for updates. Apart from that, you also get an insight into 50/50 position IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets.

Part 3 – Knee Locks And Toe Holds

Finally, something to treat brown belts. Keep in mind though, that you might be allowed to use kneebars and toe hold from brown belt, but you can learn how to do them way before that. That said, this was the favorite part of this Dean Lister DVD review for me.  I really enjoyed this portion, which starts with Kneebars. The organization here is extremely simple. Dean shares his basic concepts first. Then, based on them, he shares escapes and entries into kneebars. Simple, bu teasy to replicate and add to anyone’s game. Dean Lister DVD Review

When it comes to toe holds (a personal favorite of mine) Dean’s take is extremely detailed. Perhaps the most detailed portion in this instructional is the final section on toe holds. Of course, the mechanics and concepts are what Lister starts with. However, it is the stuff he covers later, like getting toe holds from the single leg X guard and combining them with kneebars and calf slicers against common guards that are literally worth gold.

Wrapping up is a portion on leg lock drills that are simple to do and easy to implement. Plus, they’ll make you really, really good at foot locking people.

All In All

A Dean Lister instructional on IBJJF Legal Leg Attack SEcrets. Who wouldn’t want it? This is the perfect instructional to get while in COVID-19 isolation, as you’ll have enough time to watch and study it completely. Imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces when you walk back in the gym in a few weeks when this is over with a whole new toolbox of leg locking skills? I hope this e Dean Lister DVD helps you decide on getting this instructional in order to remove any and all leg lock questions you might have.

Dean Lister – IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets

Dean lister dvd review ibjjf legal leg attack secrets 300x206 - Dean Lister DVD Review: IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets
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