Best MMA Jump Rope 2020 Guide And Reviews


Training for an MMA fight is as hard as anything you’ll do in a lifetime. Probably harder. Training requires you to be skilled in plenty of martial arts in order to have a hope of cutting it in the cage. But that is not the full extent of it. No amount of technical knowledge is going to make a difference if you can’t push the pace on your opponent. A good gas tank requires even more training and a specialized one at that. While there are different energy systems to develop specific, overall conditioning for MMA is not hard. You need to run. Or, you need to find a way to get in shape by finding a sufficient substitute for it. This is where jump ropes come in, or more specifically, our Best MMA Jump Rope 2020 guide. 

I’ve been involved with martial arts since the age of 6. As far as I can remember, I’ve always hated running, especially the slow, long-distance kind. Currently, I’m mostly involved with the grappling competition, but the resentment for running is still there. Luckily I found a way around it. A jump rope is a perfect tool to get the same benefits of running, but without having to actually run. For me, the weather plays a huge role, as does access to a track. I suspect this is the same for many people, so my solution is simple – get a jump rope. But not just any jump rope. If you truly want to develop a Nick Diaz-like gas tank, you’ll need to invest in one or more of the best MMA jump rope options we have for you in our 2020 guide.

Who Doesn’t Hate Roadwork? 

If you talk to 10 people that train MMA or combat sports, I’d wager some craft Ale that 9 would smirk when you mention roadwork. There’s always the odd one that likes to run marathons in addition to fighting, but in general, fighters get bored with it pretty quickly. it is incredibly monotonous to hit the road and do a run long enough to actually have aerobic benefits for MMA. Moreover, you’ll also need to cover other energy systems, i.e. throw in additional sprints, plyos, and similar drills.

Roadwork requires a lot of planning to be able to do it on a regular basis. Unless you’re blessed with perfect weather and a running track next to your home, you’ll run into a logistical difficulty or two. Even if you have one of these two major factors in your favor, you still only have a 50% return. Imagine running on a cold winter day with snow pouring down. Or, perhaps even worse, running on asphalt or pavement. The amount of pounding your knees and ankles get will carry over to a short and injury-ridden MMA career.

All of the above, plus extra benefits are available by purchasing just one simple piece of equipment – a jump rope. A jump rope eliminates all the issues running brings, and offers much more in return. And, before you say it, yes it also beats running on treadmills. Why? Well, you can get a rope, turn Netflix on and do aerobic conditioning in the comfort of your living room. Even more vigorous conditioning methods are available, albeit without Netflix. That said, let’s look at what’s the best MMA jump rope for 2020 and where you can get one for yourself.

Best MMA Jump Rope in 2020

Before you go on getting just about any jumping rope, take a moment to go through our best MMA jump rope 2020 guide. Not every rope is a jump rope. At least not if you want to get results with it. There are certain conditions a rope needs to fulfill in order to actually be of use to an MMA fighter.

First up, a jump rope must be able o offer everything a fighter needs performance-wise. That means you need a rope for Long Steady Duration (LSD) cardio, as well as for sprinting, double unders, and speed skipping. This means you need a rope constructed in a way that allows training all these different modalities. Moreover, it means that the rope is durable and tough, and won’t give way after just a few sessions. Then, there’s also the weight of the rope. Generally, there’s no need for weighted ropes that really hurt when you misstep and are not easy to carry around. Instead, you can always go for speed skipping or even use ankle weights to get what you want. With a jump rope, mobility is key, and we certainly had it in our sights when putting this guide together.

A huge aspect that a jump rope provides is coordination. Hand-eye coordination is essential for fighters, which is exactly why boxers have been using jump ropes for so long. In terms of MMA, using a light, high performing, and durable rope can completely change the way you do conditioning. And we have nothing but the very best MMA jump rope options for you right here!


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The fitness master jump rope is one made for pro athletes. If you really like to get in top condition for anything, especially MMA, this is the rope to go for. the Fitness Master rope is a speed jumping rope, optimized for a maximal number of rotations per second, given that you can perform them. Plus, it comes with a complete kit!
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The Fitness Master jump rope is an all-black, ultra-thin rope with an adjustable length. If you’re the only one using it you can adjust it accordingly and trim off the excess, making it perfect once and for all. This rope is made for speed, allowing for 7-8 rotations per second. it is ultra-light and easily portable. The rope comes with a carry case, a spare screws set and instructions on how to adjust the length and use the rope in general. The grips feature handles specifically for speed jumping, including plyo exercises like double unders. There’s a 90-degree smooth turning system for unimpeded rotations. The cord itself is steel, covered in durable, long-wear plastic. Comes at an incredible price and with a lifetime warranty!

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King Athletics feature in our best MMA jump rope 2020 guide with an amazing entry! They offer one of the highest-grade jump ropes and include a complete training manual with it! But that’s not all. This rope is not just one of the best in the world, but the deal we have on offer is also the best out of all the others we share with you today! Don’t miss out on this one!
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The Kings Athletics Jump Rope bundle starts with a jump rope, of course. The rope is completely adjustable, and, like all the others in our guide, designed for speed jumping. It is also very easily adjustable to just about every height out there. Namely, the standard length of this rope is 9’4″, which is more than enough for most. The grips contain molded foam and feature integrated super ball-bearings. This guarantees a smooth and even rotation throughout. The rope itself is heavy-duty, meaning it can withstand repetitive daily use and never show signs of decay. The best part about this deal is that you get 2 free Ebooks and a video guide along with the rope. On top of it all, shipping is free if you’re in the USA. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee too!

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This was a jump rope I came by completely by accident. After years of using different ropes to varying degrees of satisfaction, this is the one I recommend to everyone. Dynapro’s adjustable jump rope is one of the most durable and easy to use ropes ever put together. It has some original features due to the construction which is different from other ropes.
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First of all, there are multiple colors of this rope available. It comes in bright colors, namely a refreshing blue, pink, and neon green. It is designed for performance, by keeping the swivel away from you and providing you with a softer rope curve. This is a great rope for freestyle skipping, meaning you can train every aspect of conditioning and endurance with it. There’s a ball bearing system ensuring seamless rotation. The ball bearing system works along with a swivel, guaranteeing smooth hand consistent rotation. It spins with just a flick of your wrist, requiring minimal hand motion. Thee starting length is perfect for people as tall as  6’8″, meaning everyone can use it. The rope itself is made of special PVC and is attached to the handles via chains. 100 % money-back guarantee and an incredible price, to begin with!

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This is a rope that will exceed everyone’s expectations. In our entire best MMA jump rope 2020 guide, this might be the one rope that will end up as everyone’s favorite. After all, it is a rope that professional boxers and MMA fighters greatly prefer. And for a good reason, as it is one of the most comfortable ropes to train with, in both terms of ration and handling.
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The XYL Sports rope is a jump rope that boxers really favor. It is a simple rope that has powerful performance capabilities. It comes in a uniform black color, no logos on it. As with all the other ropes in our best MMA jump rope guide, it is easy to adjust, allowing for as much as a 9’8″ maximal length. The grips are made of the latest technology foam, ensuring a soft grip that doesn’t slip even when soaking wet. Moreover, the foam is resistant to tears and won’t fall apart at all. The rotation is smooth, the rope uncoils easily and is resistant to tangling. it is made out of durable exclusive plastic, designed to last. Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and the best price in our 2020 guide.

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If you are one of those freakishly tall people that still like to skip rope, this is the jump rope for you. Ye,s the brand is a uniquely named one in IHeartSyneree and it doesn’t really scram MMA gear. It does, however, offer a jump rope that’ll rival any of the best MMA jump rope for 2020 contenders. It is a rope that offers a lot of variety and has a unique construction, providing properties other ropes do not possess.
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This premium jump rope is available in electric green, jet black, powder pink, and rogue red color. Moreover, it is a whole 10 feet long, meaning it covers the needs of even the tallest fighters. This rope was originally designed for CrossFit which is why it offers so much versatility. Still, it is one of the jump ropes best suited for the needs of MMA fighters, as it turns out. It is compact, feather-light, and easily adjustable. The rope comes with a zipper carrying bag,  6 additional end caps, 6 stoppers, and 2 rope twist ties. The handles are ergonomically designed and guarantee smooth handling. This 2mm thick rope also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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As the name suggests, this is another rope originally designed for CrossFit. However, it makes our best MMA jump rope guide because it offers much more to MMA fighters than Cross Fitters. Namely, this is a professional rope, ultra-thin, and extremely adjustable. Moreover, it is the most durable one yet, and I guarantee it will last you a lifetime, at the very least.
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Let’s start with the rotation system. This speed jump rope has double bearing extra fast handles ensuring maximal rotation. The ball bearing technology is the latest and, along with the modern Ultra Speed Cable forms the fastest jump rope in existence. The handles are really thin, completely ergonomic, and lightweight. Moreover, there’s a kink-resistant wire cable that’ll never tear or break. The maximal length is 10 feet, allowing for every adjustment imaginable. allowing. There’s a carrying bag with a zipper included in the price. there’s a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days after the purchase. Comes in jet black color.

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The final entry in our best MMA jump rope guide today is the 321 sports aluminum rope. It has all the properties of the best jump ropes in the world, plus a few unique ones. It is available in a dark red and black combination, making it, arguably, the best looking one in the whole bunch. Perfect for both beginners and experienced fighters.
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The one defining trait of this jump rope is the ultra-slim, 6 inches long handles that are longer than most. This allows for great leverage and a seamless rotation. There are comfortable foam grips and thumb screws that allow easy adjustment. Ball bearings mean the rope offers high RPM capabilities and is tailor-made for speed skipping. The rope itself nothing but braided steel and features a special, ultra-durable PVC cover. The length is adjustable up to 11 feet, more than any other rope. Vinyl caps allow you to cover the ends of the rope after adjustments, increasing comfort. With the rope, you also get a free zipper bag, extra thumb screws, and vinyl caps, plus an ultra HD eBook with exercise guides.

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Things To Keep An Eye On

There are a few more things to consider when acquiring a jump rope for MMA conditioning. these are the subtle characteristics of jump ropes that really influence how a rope performs in practice. One major aspect is the ability to adjust the rope’s length. As you saw previously, the best MMA jump rope 2020 guide has ropes that all offer the option of adjustments. But How exactly should you adjust a rope according to your needs? Your own height is the main determinant here, as you can see from the table below.

table - Best MMA Jump Rope 2020 Guide And Reviews

Other key aspects to consider are grips, ball bearings (or lack of them), the material of the rope, the potential for tangling, etc. To cover them all in short, grips need to be comfortable and not slip. Moreover, if you can get weighted ones, go for it! The rotation of the rope can also vary between 90-160 degrees, with them being the latter preferable choice. Tangling is also a big issue, so make sure the material of the rope is such that it prevents it from tangling while you’re not using or transporting it.

Closing Thoughts

Training with a jump rope might not be your favorite thing now, but wait until you try one of the ropes we reviewed above! Getting any of the ropes featured in our best MMA jump rope guide is guaranteed to change your perspective on MMA conditioning. Moreover, with a few of them, you also get free guides and exercise programs. It is about time you gave long boring roadwork the boot and get in great MMA shape in the comfort of your living room.