Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews

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For a species intended to walk straight on only two legs, our ankles are really not that good at doing their job. Okay, perhaps they’ll do the trick if you only walk from your car to work. However, if you like to do anything that puts a strain on your ankles, you’ll need to give them some support. This is particularly true when it comes to MMA. During MMA training you use your ankle s to bear weight in many awkward angles, you attack them when grappling, you strike and block strikes with them. In short, you do all sorts of things they’re not originally built for. This is why you need the best MMA Ankle Support you can get if you’re to have a long and fruitful MMA career. 

About five years back, I was grappling with a friend who just began training BJJ. I was not that good at it myself and the inevitable happened. I decided to go for an inverted triangle of a sort. My training partner decided he was going to have none of it and defended by doing some crazy acrobatics. The result was a loud tearing noise and not long after, burning pain in the ankle that was inside the triangle. That’s how I lost my affection for triangles, along with my ankle ligaments. Unfortunately, this is a story that’s far too familiar to many MMA athletes. Luckily, there’s a quick fix, other than surgery. The best MMA ankle support sleeves and braces are a great way to provide your ankles with all the help they need to get you through MMA training and fighting. And we have the ultimate 2020 guide.

Solving MMA-Related Ankle Trouble 

Did you know that the ankle is the most complicated joint in our bodies? It may not look like it but the ankle has more moving parts than any other structure in the human body. Moreover, plenty of these structures are small, whether they’re ligaments tendons, bones or cartilage. That, along with the mobility of the ankle makes them very susceptible to traumatic injuries. Throw in the awkwardness and physical demands of MMA training and you’ve got yourself genuine ankle trouble.

There are dozens of ways in which you can injure your ankle. As with all injuries, they range from mild to devastating. However, MMA fighters do not understand the mild ones have the potential of becoming really big ones if you keep training with them. Just look at soccer players. Once they end up with an ankle injury, it gets really hard to shake it off. In MMA, the ankles get in a much weirder position than soccer, not to mention all the grappling, striking, and takedowns that are also going on. And it just so happens, there’s an answer to it all – prevention. Your ankles, along with your knees, are the two most likely body parts to get injured during MMA training or fighting. So, the smart thing would be to give them support.

When it comes to the best MMA ankle support, there are a few different ways of achieving it. The basic rule of thumb is that the worse your injury is, the more heavy-duty your support gear needs to be. That means that while some people can get away with sleeves, others need heavy-duty braces. The good news is that ankles do heal up, even without surgery. If you do not want to completely destroy them, you’ll need to get some ankle support.

Best MMA Ankle Support in 2020

Below, you’ll find the selection of the absolute best MMA ankle support braces you can get in 2020! First and foremost, all of them play a slightly different role, so that you can find one that suits your exact needs. Next, we ensured that we provide as much variety in terms of design as is possible. Of course, there’s no point getting an ankle support brace if it’ll set you back more than your entire set of MMA sparring gear. With that in mind, we made sure nothing but the very best deals feature in our 2020 guide.

As far as uses go, you can be as versatile as you want with ankle support braces. The softer ones are great for every aspect of MMA, from running to live sparring. Others that are4 thicker or more specialized might prove a bit difficult to wear during grappling, but are perfect for all other MMA related activities. Finally, the heavy-duty ankle braces are there to keep you from falling apart. You probably shouldn’t be training at all if you need one of those. however, if you’re stubborn as every MMA fighter I know then you can do most things with it on, apart from live sparring. The construction of these types of ankle supports means you can injure your partner or further hurt your ankle or instep.


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Let’s open with a brand that knows how to make MMA gear. Whether it is striking gear, grappling gear, or support and protection gear, RDX always has your back. The best thing about them is that they’re the first manufacturer that figured out how to provide high-grade quality at affordable and more than reasonable prices. This RDX MMA ankle support brace is a great example of that.
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A huge caveat that makes this brace fit the mold of the best MMA ankle support braces out there is how it fits. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better fitting ankle brace than this one. This is down to a very unique batwing design that conforms perfectly to the ankle. The material is 100% cotton, ensuring great comfort and easy handling. Simply pull the support on and you’re good to go. The material also has elastic properties, just enough to ensure a better fit while offering maximum support. A contoured pad offers the most secure fit possible. This is by far the best-priced ankle support in our 2020 guide! Available in three different designs (black, black/green, and black/orange) and four sizes (S-XL). Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Now, we’re headed into the highly specialized territory. Every time you read Bauerfeind, know that you’re getting the best possible value for your money. The trouble is, if you’re looking at Bauerfeind ankle supports, it also means your ankle(s) really need all the possible support. This breathable ankle brace is going to help you stay on your feet, and is my personal favorite when it comes to ankle support.
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The Bauerfeind breathable ankle brace is made from specially engineered fabric with a contoured three dimensional knit that provides a perfect and incredibly comfortable fit. This ankle support conforms to the shape of your ankle, minimizing restrictions while maximizing support. It is perfect to relieve pain, reduce impact, and prevent the build-up of fluids. There’s extra cushioning on the Achilles and heels for added comfort, as well as maximal breathability that prevents moisture collection. Furthermore, you can easily throw the ankle support in your washing machine for easy cleaning. The brace comes in sizes ranging from 1 to 5 and you’ll definitely need to follow the size chart to get the right one for you. There is a Titanium, Black, and Nature design, providing even more variety. All Bauerfeind products are made in Germany and come with a guarantee of the utmost quality. Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews


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The inevitable Venum. There’s hardly anything that these guys don’t make and that’s not top quality. Although they’re not specialized in protective gear the way Bauerfeind is, they certainly understand the needs of MMA fighters and combat athletes. The Venum MMA ankle support brace is custom-built for MMA and provides all the support you’ll ever need for training and competing. Plus, it is easier to handle than any of the others in our best MMA ankle support 2020 guide!
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As far as variety goes, there’s no other brand out there that offers as many different designs on each piece of gear as Venum does. There are nine different designs featuring black, black and white, black and red, blue, grey, neon yellow, pink-red, and white. In other words, something for everyone to pick from. Moreover, the material is 100 % cotton of the highest quality. The fabric is optimized to ensure a snug fit and provide the best possible comfort. Furthermore, the ankle support is easily washable in a washing machine and features dry fit technology. In terms of protection, the focus here is on ankle stability, which means it is perfect for a wide array of injuries. Another huge plus for Venum is that this ankle support comes in a pair for no added price. Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews


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The Raptor Ankle brace is arguably the best-named brace in our best MMA ankle support 2020 guide. It is an Anthem Athletics product, which usually means top quality for a fraction of the usual price. This brace is all about high performance,e so if you need top protection for live training, this is one of your best bets! Lots of quality and variety available!
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First up, the designs. The Raptor Anthem Athletics ankle support brace comes in 8 different designs, ranging from army green and Navy to brighter colors like sky blue and orange. All come in plain color designs, but with lots of performance properties. Namely, the material is a special, high-performing stretch synthetic fiber that offers optimal support for both your foot and your ankle. It is fully machine washable, and the color won’t fade or crack no matter how much you use it. There is a specialized pattern to the fabric that ensures there’s ample protection and stability, while not impeding movement at all. Comes as a single. Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Here’s a pair of ankle supports that is pretty straightforward. They are simple ankle sleeves that work by providing foot compression and ankle stability. They’re perfect for everyday use and cover a wide range of small-scale injuries. They’re the perfect prevention tool for an MMA fighter looking to keep their ankles safe. Plus, the price is unbelievable!
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Dragon Do’s ankle support braces are in the best MMA ankle support 2020 guide for a multitude of reasons. They are made out of 100% Polyester, an unusual choice for ankle braces, but nonetheless an effective one. 11 different color designs are available, with anything from gray to purple and yellow at your disposal. Furthermore, sizes range between extra small and extra-large, meaning these will fit anyone. Of course, the fact that you’re getting a pair is also a huge bonus! The fit is unusually snug and very comfortable, due to the choice of material. Moreover, the ergonomic design guarantees high-grade compression that helps relieve pain in your foot and stabilize the ankle. Easy to pull on and off, and 100% machine washable. Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews



71hVo5tpxVL. SL1500  1024x1024 - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And ReviewsThis ankle support brace is one of the higher-protection ones, the likes of Bauerfeind and the Anathem Athletics Raptor. Techware’s Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve is a one-of0a-kind ankle support brace that is tailor-made for combat sports. It covers a large portion of your instep as well as the entire ankle and has a vast array of supportive properties.
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Available in seven different designs (beige, black, blue, green, pink, gray, and purple) the Techware compression sleeve offers something different to the other braces in our best MMA ankle support 2020 guide. The compression provides relief from arthritis, sprains, muscle fatigue, and even stress fractures. The material is ultra-thin, breathable, and has incredible moisture-wicking properties. In fact, this compression sleeve is made from a combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, offering elasticity and sturdiness at the same time.  It provides premium compression, extreme comfort, and improved blood flow which helps reduce inflammation. There’s a no-slip fit, thanks to the design that ensures this brace stays in place no matter the activity. Available in three sizes (S/M, L/XL, and XXL). Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Our final entry in the best MMA ankle support 2020 guide is also the most heavy-duty brace you can find. Well, at least the most heavy-duty brace you can train with. The Donjoy Performance Pod ankle brace is built for athletic performance, but not necessarily MMA. However, it fits the bill perfectly.
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Before we go on with the review of the Donjoy Performance Pod brace, remember that this is a very specialized piece of support gear. That means you’ll need to buy a left or right-footed one, depending on your needs. Furthermore, we do not recommend sparring with this o as it is made from a special hard shell that might injure a training partner. It is, however, perfect to drill or hit pads or a heavy bag with. This brace proactively prevents ankle rolls and other common ankle injuries. It also maximizes the range of motion while guaranteeing exceptional support.

A molded TPU shell ensures a perfect and highly adjustable fit. Moreover, super soft EVA foam lining further ensures an ergonomic fit along the entire ankle. High-grade protection that allows you to get over even serious ankle injuries. Great for post-surgery too. Available in black or white and sizes XS to L. Amazon button - Best MMA Ankle Support 2020 Guide And Reviews

How To Choose The Best MMA Ankle Support

Now that we’re clear on what the best MMA ankle support options are, a few words on how you can be sure whatever you’re looking at fits this description. In the extremely unlikely chance that you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we’ll share all the important selection criteria that make all the difference. Not that you’ll need it, given the options above.

The most important thing you need to focus on is why you’re getting an ankle support brace in the first place. If it is preventative, or nursing a small injury, you’ll do great with most of the braces in our guide. If you have a more serious injury or are recovering from one, the heavier-duty options are much better suited for you.

Next up, it is all about how your ankle support fits. There’s no place for looseness when it comes to ankle support. Remember that you always need to make sure you see a size chart. There’s no generic size that fits all, so take your own measurements. If your ankle support is too loose it’s no better than wearing a sock.

In terms of material, you’ll either run into Neoprene or cotton fiber ankle supports. Well, at least as far as our best MMA ankle supports guide is concerned. Both these materials guarantee comfort, provide precise support, and make cleaning and drying your ankle support a breeze.

The closure system, which also provides adjustability is also important. Usually, the best MAM ankle support braces come in either a sleeve, lace-up or strap version. The sleeve type is easy to pull over and provides great support and comfort. The others might prove harder to deal with in MMA, as the straps and/or laces take time to configure.


If you haven’t got an ankle injury of some sort up to this point, you’re one of the lucky ones. However, for all of us that are less fortunate, the MMA ankle support braces are the difference between a successful MMA career and early retirement. This 2020 guide has nothing but proven options for you. they are durable, ensure top-grade support, and won’t cost you a fortune. What have you got to lose?