Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And Reviews


Injuries are a fact of BJJ life. Since there’s no way around them, we have really simple guidelines to deal with injuries. The common advice is to go see a doctor and rest until you’re healed. In practice, the first part is not seeing as optional but grapplers. Still, regardless of what a doctor’s visit might provide as a conclusion, what comes next is entirely predictable. People go back to the training immediately, or just after a short layoff. So, injuries turn to chronic ones and pile on. The one thing that can save stubborn grapplers (i.e. all grapplers) from further injuries is actually a really simple piece of equipment. It is called Kinesiology Tape, or Kinesio tape for short. What is it and how does it work? What’s the best Best BJJ Kinesio Tape available? Time for some answers.

Kinesiology tape as a concept is nothing new. Before specific Kinesio tape, people used to use common tape to try and fix muscular or neurological injuries. Kinesio tape addresses such problems directly, by removing strain from muscles. The good news is that this is no fad and actually has a scientific background behind it. A lot of professional athletes, grapplers and fighters included use it on a very regular basis. You’ve probably seen an athlete or a teammate strapped with different sized brightly colored tape at some point. Well, that is kinesiology tape. Today’s article is all about the mechanism of work, as well as the best BJJ Kinesio tape you can get in 2021.

What Is Kinesio Tape? 

Kinesiology or Kinesio tape is a therapeutic tool that helps the body’s natural healing process along. It works mainly by providing support for injured muscles or joints. Furthermore, it provides soft tissue benefits similar to massages. A huge caveat is that Kinesio tape does not restrict movement at all, despite an existing injury. What Kinesio tape does is lift the skin over an injured area. However, it only does so ever so slightly, invisible with the naked eye.

This particular method of therapy actually allows for improved lymphatic drainage and blood flow in a specific part of the body. The lifting opens up more space, thus helping reduce inflammation and increase lymphatic flow. This, in turn, speeds up healing and recovery. Kinesio tape helps both the muscular and neural systems recover from an injury, improve circulation, and optimize performance. A great benefit for grapplers is that it reduces pain as well.

still in order to use Kinesio tape you need to understand two main aspects of it. First, you need to either know how to use it or consult a professional. The application of kinesiology tape is not a simple thing. It has to have a specific shape, be in a specific pattern and direction in order to target the desired area. Secondly, you need to know what your options are and what’s the overall best BJJ Kinesio tape in 2021.

Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide

When you’re looking into Kinesio tape, there are a few things you need to know. We’ll go over a specific guide to the best characteristics of Kinesio tape later on. For now, it’s enough to state that not all kinesiology tapes are the same. They are designed differently in order to target different ailments or offer different athletic properties. The best BJJ Kinesio tape has a lot to accomplish, given how demanding grappling is when we’re injury-free, let alone injured.

For that purpose, we searched far and wide, to find not only the best BJJ Kinesio tape but the one that’s best priced as well. After all, the point is to use it from time to time in order to get recover from an injury sooner. So, it needs to do its job quickly and neatly. And you only need to buy it ever so often. Here are our best picks for 2021:


81dEBRqceCL. SL1500  1024x840 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsFLEXU Kinesio tape is an ergonomic tape that is so comfortable that you’ll barely feel it on. This means you can train safely with it without that feeling of restriction you get with bandages. A huge positive of the FLEXU tape is that it can provide overall muscle support even when you’re not injured.

This tape is available in 4 different color versions. It comes in a very cool cylindrical box that’s perfect to carry around. Every pack contains three rolls, each coming in a pre-cut form. This means the tape is very easy to use without any hassle. This is one of the preferred choices of professional athletes worldwide. Relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and is perfect to wear under the Gi, as it does not catch on clothes. The perfect product to kick off our best BJJ Kinesio tape guide for 2021!

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71stc2h7 L. SL1500  754x1024 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsThis tape, much like the previous one, is a great option for everyday use. It provides grapplers with support even when there’s no need for injury treatment. It is also a latex-free version, which means there’s no irritation to your skin. This means you can wear them for long periods of time, like rolling or competition. One of the best examples of kinesiology tape all in all.

There are more than half a dozen color options available in 2021. They come in packs of two rolls, with dimensions of 2” X 16.4”. It is made from 98% cotton and 2% Spandex. This makes them perfect for Jiu-Jitsu, as they can cover even large muscle groups. Another great property of this Kinesio tape is that it’s waterproof. While this is a huge benefit when it comes to swimming mainly, it affects grappling as well. Particularly No-Gi grappling which can get really sweaty. The Thearaband Kinesio tape is backed by over 300 thorough research studies when it comes to effectiveness.

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81olYPA5fDL. SL1500  1024x1024 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsKT Tape is the most versatile Kinesio tape on our list. Coming in at a dozen different colors and both cut and uncut varieties, it’s definitely one of the very best BJJ Kinesio tape options out there. As such, KT is actually one of the leading brands in the kinesiology tape field.

This is a heavy-duty example of Kinesio tape. It is stronger than other brands or models and lasts significantly longer. This tape is exactly what you want when you’re trying to roll with a chronic or recovering injury. The KT Pro tape has a very strong high-tech adhesive that can stick for days. it is backed up by moisture-wicking, breathable fabric that’s completely waterproof. It is also extremely easy to use, especially the uncut version. Comes in a cardboard packet of one roll. Lightweight, latex-free, comfortable, and allows complete range of motion.

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71pTrKpgxCL. SL1500  1024x556 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsDubbed the world’s best tape, Rocktape’s kinesiology tape is certainly a top contender. The one huge difference this tape brings to the table is the ability to stretch. Can be used by anyone, including those with very sensitive skin. Number one choice for plenty of medical professionals in the field of sports medicine.

It is made from high-quality adhesive and unique fabric. Contains absolutely no latex or zinc, eliminating any chance of an allergic reaction. This Kinesio tape has the ability to move and flex along with your skin while keeping it firmly in place. This means it delivers maximal benefits without any discomfort whatsoever. Hugely improves blood circulation to the affected area, significantly speeding up healing. Compared to others, the recovery time with this tape is half that of other Kinesio tapes. Certainly one, if not the best BJJ Kinesio tape ever!

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91n7p1UafhL. SL1500  1024x905 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsWhen a Kinesio tape is available uncut, precut, and in a bulk roll, you know you’ve got one of the best. However, that’s not all. Fitdom’s high-quality extra-strong adhesive Kinesio tape is a medical-grade therapeutic tape. In line with all the latest standards, this is the tape to solve most of your nagging grappling injury woes.

Manufacturers claim that this tape is for everyone and everything. While we can not attest to that, we support it as a great fit for Jiu-Jitsu athletes. A huge bonus is the fact that it comes with instructions. This means you can pick it up and start using it yourself, hassle-free. Latex-free and hypoallergenic, it is sweat resistant and can withstand even high paced movement. The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee. FDA approved.

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81wIXVq5poL. SL1500  1024x1014 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsWaterproof tape is just the right mixture of elastic and stretchy. This is one of the best sticking Kinesio tapes you can get. it stays on for days without the need for re-adjusting. This type of kinesiology tape offers great pain relief and can help you train with even serious injuries. Of course, we do not recommend this, but grapplers will be grapplers.

The Physix tape comes in a bunch of different colors. Furthermore, you have the option of getting a single one or a six-pack. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a free e-book full of information on how to use the best BJJ Kinesio tape. This tape is also FDA approved and does not irritate the skin. The material is synthetic, made with the latest technologies. The fabric ensures 4-way stretching while also providing very strong adhesion. 100% money-back guarantee included!

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91CfGqBj5L. SL1500  674x1024 - Best BJJ Kinesio Tape 2021 Guide And ReviewsThis is a trademarked kinesiology tape that is a simple option. It comes in beige as opposed to flashy colors. However, when it’s time to do the job it’s intended for, hardly any other product can feature better.

Available in bulk or as a single roll, this tape is highly diverse. bot professional and amateur athlete use it, along with many medical professionals. An innovation that this tape brings is Nano-touch to the skin and muscles. Another aspect is the message it delivers due to Fingerprint technology. This type of Kinesio tape has been researched far and wide and is truly one of the very best you can get!

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Kinesiology Tape For Grappling

Talking about how an injury recovery tool is good for grapplers seems redundant. We’ll do it anyway. As you know, in grappling injuries happen on a daily basis. Whether you slipped during rolling, didn’t warm up well, or decided not to tap to that armbar, the result is the same. When you have a fresh injury, it’s best to take some time off. Kinesiology tape allows you to return to the mats much quickly, shortening your layoff.

Whether you have joint issues, muscle issues, or some neurological issues, you’ll find Kinesio tape helpful. The elbow joints, wrists, and knees are the most common areas that Kinesio tape can help with. You could even go as far as to substitute finger tape with it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The greatest aspect of the best BJJ Kinesio tape is with muscle sprains. When you have shoulder issues or the dreaded rib bruises, kinesiology tape can be a lifesaver. It also works great with muscle injuries to awkward spots like the traps or along the spine. You could even recover from certain muscular injuries to the neck. All in all, the adjustable nature of Kinesio tape makes it the best tool to combat all the weird injuries grapplers tend to get.

What To Look For

On a final note, let’s look at some of the more important qualities of Kinesio tape. After all, there’s no point in offering a shopping guide without actually providing some advice.

First and foremost, when it comes to Kinesio tape you need to know if it can help you. it is not the magic bullet to treat all BJJ related injuries. the sooner you comprehend that, the better. That said, a Kinesio tape can go a long way to get you back on the mats. But only if you get the right one. For instance, there’s no point in getting anything that’s not waterproof. With so much sweat in grappling, both yours and your partners’ this is a must-have quality.

Furthermore, there’s adhesion. BJJ is going to put a lot of strain on even the best Kinesio tape. For that purpose, adhesion needs to be really high grade. It also needs to provide a certain level of elasticity. There’s also the hypoallergenic aspect of it. No point in ending your training sessions with a rash or worse due to Kinesio tape. Finally, there’s also the price. Some of the products come more expensive than the others. However, it all comes down to whether you like it cut or uncut, bulk or single packs, and other personal preferences.