New Bernardo Faria DVD Review – Side Control Submissions


Bernardo Faria is at it again. The man simply doesn’t stop producing DVD instructionals and we love him for it! As far as the quality of content over a long p[eriod of time goes, nobody beats Bernardo Faria’s DVD instructions. The 5 times world champion is extremely versatile and covers just about everything in his DVD’s. gi or No-Gi, Bernardo always has something to teach. I’m super stoked to be doing this latest Bernardo Faria DVD Review on a really special DVD: “Side Control Setups And Submissions”!

Bernardo Faria – Side Control Setups and Submissions

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You don’t have to like the stuff that Bernardo Faria is showing in order to watch his DVDs. You’ll hardly find a more positive, dedicated and overall friendly guy in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu nowadays. moreover, he is as technical as they get. Plus he has that special open mindset that has him learning daily from the top minds of grappling. Every Bernardo Faria DVD Review so far has been a joy to do. As expected, this last title was also very fun to do. Actually, it has to be my favorite so far, as I really love the subject he is demonstrating in it.

Solving Side Control Submissions

There’s one aspect of side control that annoys most grapplers find extremely challenging – submitting. The first time you get into side control you discover that the position is a very fleeting one. In fact, it is such an active position that you do not even get points for the position itself. the three points we usually get when we arrive there are fro the guard pass, not the side control position itself. That said, once in a side control we have one main task, and two possible goals, none of which is easy to perform.

The first task, keeping the opponent in side control is actually the easiest. You simply borrow pinning principles from wrestling and you’re all set. However, that’s not the point of BJJ. Instead of getting a win by pinning an opponent in one position, you’ll most likely get a penalty in BJJ. So, you need to know how to pin someone, but you need to look for either a better position or a way to finish the fight, at least in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. To that extent, submissions are the much more difficult, yet ultimately rewarding prospect. Positions like the mount, knee on belly or even back control come by much more easily.

Bernardo Faria’s “Side Control Setups And SUbmissions” is the ultimate resource to help you solve this puzzle. It usually takes people at least a purple belt to start figuring out how to submit someone from side control without losing position. Well, as you’ll see from our Bernardo Faria DVD review, this instructional is going to shorten that time. Now, even as a white belt, you can develop a devastating submission game from side control land surprise just about anyone!

“Side Control Setups And Submissions” Bernardo Faria DVD Review

As far as this particular DVD goes, there’s no particular secret to it. Everyone apart from Faria himself needs to own this instructional. It is that important, and that well organized. Moreover, it is actually a set, containing four volumes filled with tips and tricks from a multiple-time world champion. the instructional itself is with the Gi, which means you get options for both Gi and No-Gi. The crucial arm locks and chokes are only accentuated by introducing some slick lapel based submissions!

The DVD begins with the basics of the side control position – pressure, stability and basic movement. In that sense, al the usual transitions to positions like the mount and back are covered here. Volume two starts with exploring risky attacks, which is an integral concept of Faria’s system. A bunch of armlock and chokes follow. The third volume takes things to the knee on belly position, once again offering further submission options. The fourth and final volume is full fo high-level, advanced transitional attacks. In that sense, it is closer to volume one than the other two. Check out the full chapter by chapter Bernardo Faria DVD review below.

Volume 1

345f74 - New Bernardo Faria DVD Review - Side Control SubmissionsOf course, just like previous volumes, Faria kicks off with a short introduction into what is to come. In terms of side control, the first thing is securing the position. Certain tips and tricks here are going to completely change how you approach the position. The most important aspect of this DVD, and side control in BJJ, in general, is pressure. Faria manages to really put this highly elusive concept into perspective. After doing this Bernardo Faria DVD review, many hidden little things became crystal clear for me.

As far as the transitional game goes, this volume covers the utter basics. make no mistake, though, these are moves that work perfectly at every belt level. There are two mount entries here, one with a step over, and the second with a leg side. Both work perfectly under different conditions, providing variable attacks. The really useful part is getting to mount even when an opponent gets you back in half guard. This is a great way to keep getting points for the pass and mount until you rack up a huge advantage.

Volume 2

Time to get into the submission portion of the DVD. After all, it is named “Side Control Submissions”. It starts with a crucial introduction that you simply can’t miss! it is all about which attacks are too risky to go for, and how to minimize the risk when attacking from side control. Here, Faria shares something no other black belt world champion has shared before.

The submission portion begins in a fairly basic fashion. There are several armbar options on both the near and far side arms. Some work directly, while others include transitions into North-South. The Marcelo style armbar is pure genius and explained to the tiniest detail. A Kimura and a very sneaky wrist lock option complete the arm locking portion of this volume. A north-south transitional choke completes the submission portion. The final chapter serves as an introduction to the next volume, opening the knee on belly account.

Volume 3

While doing this Bernardo Faria DVD review, this volume caught my attention the most. When I gave the moves a shot during rolling, later on, it just confirmed my hunch that it’ll be my favorite. Why? Well, first of all, the attacks start from knee on belly, which offers unbelievable crushing pressure. And, when Bernardo explains it you’ll never wonder about base, balance or pressure distribution from the position again. Armbars, of course, make up a large portion of this volume. From straight and quick to spinning one,s, nothing is left out.

345f9a - New Bernardo Faria DVD Review - Side Control SubmissionsWhen it comes to chokes, the North-South choke is covered once again. Even more importantly, there are key details and a new take on the baseball choke as well. A wicked side control Omoplata changes the direction of attacks. Right after that, a crazy Monoplata completes the experience, as well as covering just about every option you have from side control. Or so I thought.

Volume 4

The final volume of this Bernardo Faria DVD is a real masterpiece. It serves both as a Q&A for the previous content as well as a volume with information for advanced grapplers. here, the focus is on transitional attacks. IT starts with sprawling which eventually leads to back control. Speaking of back attack, Faria offers the ultimate hack when an opponent turns away.

In terms of counters and re-counters .a very useful chapter is the one on passing the guard. But not just the guard, but passing after an opponent re-guards. instead of going all the way back, Faria offers a shortcut to get straight back to side control. Some key concepts like basing and staying safe during transitions also find themselves in this portion of the DVD.

In Summary

As I already said, it is always a pleasure to do a Bernardo Faria DVD review. Faria has so much energy and dedicates so much to instructionals that he is a real pleasure to watch.  This DVD instructional is truly something else, even by Bernardo Faria standards. Whether you’re looking to secure side control, learn more effective transitions or find out how to perform side control submissions, this is the DVD for you.

Bernardo Faria – Side Control Setups and Submissions

Bernardo Side Control cover 1024x1024 300x202 - New Bernardo Faria DVD Review - Side Control Submissions
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