5 Reasons Why Women Should Train Jiu-Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also referred to as BJJ is a type of martial arts that is male-dominated, as other martial arts. As the common perception is, that women do not enjoy grappling, wrestling, and ground fighting. However, BJJ is a great branch of martial arts, and here are a few reasons why women should try it.

1. Self Defense – by training in Jiu-Jitsu, women will be able to be more confident when walking down a dark street. As they will finally be able to defend themselves, in case of an attack. This is why we feel that BJJ is necessary for every woman. Just by training BJJ, you will be able to not only get stronger, but you will also be able to use your abilities to get out of difficult situations.

2. Martial Arts – BJJ is known as a Gentle Art, as it is not about kicking, punching, or getting hit. This means you do not have to be quick on your feet or make any aggressive moves. In BJJ it is important that one relaxes, and rationally assess the place where your legs and your arms should be positioned. This way you will be able to get leverage over your opponent without having to use power.

3. Upper Body – Women generally have a weak upper body, because they do not use those muscles often. In addition, women tend to struggle with toning their lower body. This is why we feel Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect way for you to gain upper body strength, and help tone your lower body. This way you will learn a skill that can help you defend yourself, and tone your body at the same time. BJJ is the perfect way to help keep your body in shape.

4. Lower Body – Women naturally have a strong lower body, but there comes a time when they build up fat and are unable to use the strength to their advantage. By training in BJJ, you will be able to lose those extra pounds and regain your strength. In addition, a stronger base will help you keep a firm body, which is perfect when it comes to self-defense. As when you are firm on the ground, you do not have to deal with staying set and balanced.

5. Mind – as BJJ is all about leverage, it requires you to use your mind rather than your body strength. This is why it helps keep your mind active, by training it to help you in time of need. Think of it as a chess game, it’s all about how you move to get leverage. So no matter how small you are, you will be able to get leverage over your opponent.

These are some of the many reasons why every woman should train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as it will help them a great deal. From self-defense to body toning, to mind training BJJ offers a complete package. Which is why we encourage women to take it up, so they are mentally and physically fit.

Jack Donovan